Behsaman is the largest supplier of Vermicompost products.
About Us

Since 1998, Behsaman Co. has been pleased to provide to many costumers organic compost which is called Vermicompost that is a valuable soil amendment and act like a bio-fertilizer and bio-insecticide. Also we have been offered and executed waste management plans of converting organic waste or manure casting to a organic biological compost vermicompost to thousand of interested people that desire to set up an industrial farm. Behsaman would provide you advertising CD, Catalogue or any training courses that you recommend.

Teaching, culturing and decreasing city wastes from origin.

Separating solid wastes materials from origin

Separating organic material from origin

Gathering and transporting mechanized city wastes

Designing keeping boxes of city wastes

Designing transferring cart stations to press machines

Designing wiry trail stations

Designing and produce Metan gas from landfill

City cleansing and supply

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