Behsaman is the largest supplier of Vermicompost products.
Details of activities

Supplying city waste management plan in Semnan city

Perform separating waste material plan from origin in Semnan city

Cleansing and gathering mechanized city waste in Semnan city from 1379 to 1383

Mechanized cleansing and gathering city waste services in Zone 4 of Shiraz city from 1380 to 1386

Cooperation in performing improving jobs which produce more garbage in Shiraz for controlling and gathering herbaceous waste. (Is in hand already)

Perusal and perform decreasing process of producing vermicompost form organic wastes in Shiraz (project of Tehran jahade daneshgahi)

Perusal and supply improvement plan of burial garbage site in Karaj (Halghe dare) in 1382

Perusal and perform Metan Gas production network from landfill (Halghe dare) in Karaj 1382

Perusal and perform improving jobs plans which produce more garbage in Karaj 1382

Perusal and supply Yazd Villages wastes management plan with cooperation of Alzahra Jahade Daneshgahi

Establish factory for manufacturing Organic and biologic compost (Vermicompost) form herbaceous waste with capacity of 3000 ton annually.

Establish a farm for converting animal waste matter to Organic and biologic compost (Vermicompost) in Safadasht area in Karaj city/. (Is in hand already)

Supply planting olive plan in public area Baramshour in Shiraz

Plant, protection, keeping and nutrition of 3000 hectare olive plants in Baramshour area in Shiraz from 1381 till now

Supply and perform 15 local parks in Semnan from 1374 to 1377.

Supply plan and perform 2 local parks in Shahmirzad City in Semnan province 1380.

Supply the plan and perform 3 local parks in Mahdasht city in Karaj 1376

Plan and construct conversion animal waste farm to vermicompost in villages around some counties like Dehloran , in Einkhosh Village.

Establish a conversion animal wastes farm to vermicompost in an animal husbandry town in Khoram Abad County with 5000 ton capacity in a year.

Establish a conversion animal waste farm to vermicompost on Shandiz local in Mashhad city by communion of a local cooperation society, capacity is 1000 ton in a year.

Establish a conversion animal waste farm to vermicompost in Kenebist Agriculture and animal husbandry complex which is dependent in Astan Ghods Razavi.

Construct a sample conversion organic waste matter farm to vermicompost by communion of Giah pezeshki Center state, Iran Biologic Center.

Instruction and construct a conversion organic waste matter , vegetarian wastes and animal wastes on Noroozan Village, Kovar County in Fars state by cooperation of women affairs of Jahad Keshavarzi and 9 other villages on the next states of Fars Province.

Plan and establish conversion organic waste material and vegetarian leftovers farm of Janat Shahr in Darab county of Fars Province, fool mechanism and with layer of beds.

Instruct , culturing and invitation of citizen partnership in performing separation of organic waste and solid waste matters of 600 households in Javadol Aeme town in Janat Shahr City.

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